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Title: Calculation of Concentrations and Transfer Factors of Uranium from Soil to Plants Using Nuclear Track Detector CR-39
Authors: 1Basim Khalaf Rejah, 2Ali. T. Aljanabi, 3Wijdan Thamer Fzaa, 1Ayaat Abdalzhra Hussein, , 4Ahmed H. Ali
Issue Date: 2019
Series/Report no.: Journal of Physics: Conference Series;
Abstract: In this study, the concentrations of uranium for four species of plants; Spinacia, Brassica Oleracea, BEASSICA Oleracea Var Capitata and Beta Vulgaris were measured in addition to the measurement of uranium concentrations in the selected soil by calculating the number of significant traces of alpha in CR-39. The 2.455 Bq/kg in Spinacia plant were the highest concentration while the lowest concentration of uranium were 1.91 Bq/kg in BEASSICA Oleracea Var Capitata plant. As for the transfer factor, the highest value 0.416 were found in Spinacia plant and the lowest value 0.323 were found in BEASSICA Oleracea Var Capitata plant. The uranium in the models studied in it did not exceed the international limit, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency.
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