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Title: Study of the Electric Quadrupole Moments for some Scandium Isotopes Using Shell Model Calculations with Different Interactions
Authors: Ahmed H. Ali
Keywords: Bohr-Mottelson, Core Polarization, Effective Charges, Effective Charges, Harmonic Oscillator, Standard Effective charges.
Issue Date: 13-Sep-2018
Publisher: Baghdad Science Journal Vol.15(3)2018
Series/Report no.: ;Vol.15(3)2018
Abstract: The electric quadrupole moments for some scandium isotopes (41, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47Sc) have been calculated using the shell model in the proton-neutron formalism. Excitations out of major shell model space were taken into account through a microscopic theory which is called core polarization effectives. The set of effective charges adopted in the theoretical calculations emerging about the core polarization effect. NushellX@MSU code was used to calculate one body density matrix (OBDM). The simple harmonic oscillator potential has been used to generate the single particle matrix elements. Our theoretical calculations for the quadrupole moments used the two types of effective interactions to obtain the best interaction compared with the experimental data. The theoretical results of the quadrupole moments for some scandium isotopes performed with FPD6 interaction and Bohr-Mottelson effective charge agree with experimental values.
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