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dc.contributor.author1M. J. Muhaidi, 2 B. N. Al qadi , 2H. H. Hasani 3M. T. Dagash-
dc.description.abstractDuring the period from January 2018 until March 2018 were collected 30 samples from different regions of Iraq to study the DNA extraction by different methods from hydatid cyst Where was a comparison between the four methods of preparations for the extraction (sonication , Mechanical grinder method , Freezing-thawing method and Boiling method ) , Mechanical grinder method has best result then Freezing-thawing method and Boiling method respectively while sonication didn’t give successful results in germinal layer whereas in protoscoleces result was accepteden_US
dc.subjectDNA extraction , Hydatid cyst . Mechanical grinder, Boiling, Freezing-thawingen_US
dc.titleDNA extraction by different methods from hydatid cyst from Iraqi's patientsen_US
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