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Title: The Cold Plasma: A Promising Tool to improve the Clinical Outcome of Iraqi Patients with Burn Infections
Authors: Geeran Al-Fahdawi Abdul-Rahman M.1, Muhaidi M.J.2* and Hamad Mohammed. A.2
Keywords: Cold Plasma, Burns infections, DBD Treatment
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Research Journal of Biotechnology
Abstract: Forty (40) Iraqi patients with burns infections who were admitted to the burns center of Al-Ramadi Teaching Hospital from the period of January till April 2014 were included in the present study. Ethical permission to conduct this study as well as all information were taken from those patients and their relatives. Sterile cotton swabs were used to obtain the ideal clinical samples for cultivation on the media in the medical laboratories. After appropriate incubation conditions, the bacterial growth was identified by using API 20 E system. Later on, all bacteria under study were exposed to the cold plasma by Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) device with a certain voltage (25 kv) and a gap distance (2 mm) with different exposure times ranging from 30 - 150 seconds, the number of bacteria were counted after each DBD treatment. The results showed that all bacterial species under study undergo reduction in their numbers due to increase of the killing rate after DBD treatment; this is related to the direct effect of non-thermal plasma to the target bacteria due to generation of so many free radicals with bactericidal effect.
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