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Title: Assessment of C-Reactive Protein and Reactive Nitrogen Species in Diabetic Patients
Authors: R. J. Abd-Alkhaliq*, رؤى جمال عبد الخالق*، ماجد محمد محمود**، مروان صالح محمد*** M. M. Mahmod** and M. S. Mohammed***
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Al-Anbar J. Vet. Sci., Vol.: 5 No. (1), 2012
Abstract: Angiotensin receptor antagonistes named as sartans are clinically used for treatment of hypertension, congestive heart failure and in certain complications of diabetes mellitus. Recently the anti-inflammatory effects of these agents was reported. The aim of this study was to explore the effect of sartans on C- reactive protein and reactive nitrogen species in patients with diabetes. A total number of 98 diabetic patients (32 males and 66 females) were enrolled in this study. The patients were subgrouped into group 1 (n=40); diabetic patients on sartans and group 2 (n=58) without sartans therapy. Blood samples were collected for determination of the C-reactive protein, Nitric oxide and peroxynitrate. The results showed that hypertension was co-existed in 23 and 13 patients of group1 and 2 respectively. There was no significant difference between group 1 and 2 in positive C-reactive protein. Serum nitric oxide level was higher and serum peroxynitrite was lower in group 1 as compared with group 2, and the differences did not reach to the significance level. It was conclude that sartans act via three arms; reducing blood pressure by blocking angiotensin II receptor and elevating nitric oxide and variable effects on the inflammatory bio-markers.
ISSN: 1999-6527
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