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dc.contributor.authorWissam Mahmud Mohamed-
dc.description.abstractThe aim of present study was to investigate the probable effects of the reproductive state on the sera component and enzymes in lactating and pregnant sheep. All the blood tests were carried out in 46 healthy sheep. The animals were divided into three groups: first group (G1; n = 15) pregnant, the second group (G2; n = 16) lactating and third group (G3; n= 15) non-pregnant and non-lactating (control group). The results showed that higher concentrations (P< 0.05) of total protein were determined in the blood of pregnant sheep compared to lactating group sheep. Moreover, the alkaline phosphatase (Alp) activities were higher (P< 0.01) in lactating sheep than pregnant and control group, while higher (P< 0.01) concentrations of acid phosphatase (Acp) activity were determined in sera of pregnant compared to lactating and control sheep. The results further showed the higher (P< 0.05) specific activity of Acp in pregnant compared to lactating and control. The higher (P< 0.05) specific activity of Alp were also determined in sera of lactating compared to pregnant and control. The lowest (P< 0.05) sera Zn+2 and Mg+2 levels in pregnant sheep were observed compared with lactating and control group A. Results of this study showed that values of Acp, Alp activities and total protein could be used as an indicator of pregnancy in sheep. We suggest that pregnancy and lactation periods must be taken into consideration for the true interpretation of sera chemistry and ions status in sheep.en_US
dc.publisherJournal of Animal Health and Productionen_US
dc.subjectPhosphatase enzymes, Sheep, Protein, Divalent ionsen_US
dc.titleActivity of Phosphatase Enzymes, Concentration of Protein and Divalent Ions in Sheep Sera during different Physiological Statusen_US
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