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Title: The Morphology and Performance of Poly(Vinyl Chloride) Containing Melamine Schiff Bases against Ultraviolet Light
Authors: Basheer A. Hamad
Keywords: poly(vinyl chloride); melamine; Schiff bases; ultraviolet irradiation; carbonyl group index; photostabilization; weight loss
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: Five Schiff bases derived from melamine have been used as efficient additives to reduce the process of photodegradation of poly(vinyl chloride) films. The performance of Schiff bases has been investigated using various techniques. Poly(vinyl chloride) films containing Schiff bases were irradiated with ultraviolet light and any changes in their infrared spectra, weight, and the viscosity of their average molecular weight were investigated. In addition, the surface morphology of the films was inspected using a light microscope, atomic force microscopy, and a scanning electron micrograph. The additives enhanced the films resistance against irradiation and the polymeric surface was much smoother in the presence of the Schiff bases compared with the blank film. Schiff bases containing an ortho-hydroxyl group on the aryl rings showed the greatest photostabilization effect, which may possibly have been due to the direct absorption of ultraviolet light. This phenomenon seems to involve the transfer of a proton as well as several intersystem crossing processes.
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