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Title: Calculations of the Quadrupole Moments for Some Nitrogen Isotopes in p and psd Shell Model Spaces Using Different Effective Charges
Authors: أ.م.د.أحمد حسين علي
Keywords: Effective charges and Quadrupole moments of p and psd-shell isotopes (Z=7): p and psd- shell model; Core-polarization effects.
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Iraqi Journal of Science, 2017, Vol. 58, No.2B, pp: 878-883
Abstract: The electric quadrupole moments for some nitrogen isotopes (12,14,15,16,18N) are studied by shell model calculations with the proton-neutron formalism. Theoretical calculations performed using the different set of effective charges due to the core polarization effect. The effective charges in the p-shell nuclei are found to be slightly different from those in the sd-shell nuclei. Most of the results we have obtained are underestimated with the measured data for the isotopes considered in this work.
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