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dc.contributor.authorأ.م.د.أحمد حسين علي-
dc.description.abstractQuadrupole Q moments and effective charges are calculated for 13O, 15O, 17O, 18O and 19O neutron rich nuclei using shell model calculations. Excitations out of major shell space are taken into account through a microscopic theory which is called core-polarization effects. The simple harmonic oscillator potential is used to generate the single particle matrix elements of 13,15,17,18,19O. The results showed a rapprochement between theoretical calculations with different effective charges and experimental data for most of the proposed isotopes in this work.en_US
dc.publisherInternational Journal of High Energy Physicsen_US
dc.subjectEffective Charges and Quadrupole Moments of p and psd-shell Isotopes (Z=8): p and psd- Shell Modelen_US
dc.titleQuadrupole Moments for Oxygen Isotopes in p-Shell and psd Shell with Using Different Effective Chargesen_US
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