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Title: Reduced Quadruple Transition Probability B(E2) for Some Oxygen Isotopes Using Different Interactions and Effective Charges 1
Authors: أ.م.د.أحمد حسين علي
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: The Sixth Scientific Conference “Renewable Energy and its Applications
Abstract: Reduced quadrupole transition rates B(E2; 01 + → 2+ ) the effective charges are calculated for even-even oxygen isotopes(A=16,18,20,22 )based on p shell and sd shell model spaces. NushellX@ code are using for calculate one body transition matrix (OBTM) for these isotopes. Our calculations theoretical for reduced quadrupole transition rates B(E2) are using the two types of effective interactions to obtain the best interaction compared with the experimental data were adopted at same time different the effective charges.
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