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Title: Measurement the Concentrations of Radon and Thoron and Their Progeny in the Air Samples of Al-Haswaa City in Babylon province
Authors: أ.م.د.أحمد حسين علي
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Abstract: In this work, measurements of radon, thoron, and their progeny in dwellings and measurements of radon in air of Al-Haswaa city were displayed using SSNTD detection technique, which has a very low detection limit. The radon concentration were varied from 34.736 to 55.789 Bq.m-3 with average value 47.60 Bq.m-3 while the thoron concentration varied from 20.526 to 61.513 Bq.m-3 with average value 33.552 Bq.m-3. The annual effective dose from the corresponding measured concentration of radon and thoron in the various dwellings were varied from 1.704 to 2.949 mS.y-1 with average value 2.061 mSv.y-1, which is within the recommended ICRP intervention level of 3 -10 mSv.y-1.
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